Distinctive Care Designed to Save Teeth

Root canals may have a bad reputation… but in reality, this procedure is highly effective at saving teeth that may otherwise require extraction. The pain you feel comes from the infection in your tooth and a root canal is designed to clear away that infection and keep your tooth intact.

Root canals are actually named after the area of the tooth they are disinfecting – the canals inside your tooth’s roots.

Under your enamel and dentin is a much softer part of your tooth – the pulp. The pulp is filled with nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. You need all of this while your tooth is growing, but once you reach adulthood and your teeth have stopped growing, it isn’t really necessary. This area can get infected and become extremely painful.  

That’s when your dentist sends you to Dr. Hank Bradford. Using a microscope and necessary radiographs, Dr. Bradford will clean and clear away the infected pulp, then fill the space to seal it against further infection. Once the procedure is complete, you will likely be referred back to your dentist to finalize your tooth’s crown or restoration. Your pain will stop, usually the same day, depending on the degree of infection and your tooth will be saved.

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