Proving How Much We Care – One Smile at a Time

We care about you, and we go out of our way to prove it. Patients can’t say enough about our comfortable and compassionate approach.

Part of that is taking our time with you. We understand that discovering you need root canal therapy can be upsetting, and we want to do everything in our power to help you relax and feel at ease again. You deserve to be treated with respect and understanding, and afforded a warm, calm, and soothing atmosphere – especially when you are in pain.

We are entirely dedicated to meeting your every need with excellence, advanced technology, and outstanding customer service.

Our patients rely on us for comfort when they might feel especially vulnerable, so it is our mission to always BE:

Present – Genuine – Caring – Honest – Personable – Respectful – Detailed – Advanced

Whether you found us on your own or your dentist has referred you to us, we hope you will feel better knowing your smile is in sympathetic hands.

“I hope to never need another root canal but if I do...I will go right back to Doctor Bradford. My visit was easier than a tooth cleaning. I was totally comfortable and felt no pain and discomfort. I could have fallen asleep” – A. Saxon