Bringing Damaged Teeth Back to Life

Sometimes you damage a tooth and know it right away. Other times you may start to feel discomfort when you chew or in response to temperature changes.

A crack in your tooth can be the result of minor trauma like biting down on something hard or from continual force like clenching or grinding.  

Bradford Endodontics can help end your pain and save your tooth. Early treatment is crucial, so if your tooth hurts or you know your tooth has cracked, please call us.

How A Root Canal Can Save a Cracked Tooth

Inside your tooth is a network of nerves and blood vessels contained in soft tissue called the pulp. This system is essential during tooth growth to keep it nourished and alive, but once the tooth stops growing, it is no longer necessary to keep the tooth functioning. It is susceptible to infection though, especially if the protective enamel and dentin become damaged or cracked.

A crack, chip or break in that hard outer surface exposes your dentin to all kinds of bacteria, and that can lead to a painful and dangerous infection… and the possible loss of your tooth.

A root canal may be your best option to save and repair a cracked tooth. We simply remove the pulp, fill and seal the inside of the canals, and refer you back to your dentist where they will protect your tooth with a durable new crown.

If you have a cracked tooth, please call (678) 560-4100 to schedule an appointment.